Excerpts from One Last Teardrop


The following excerpt is from the chapters in One Last Teardrop that detail Karen's testimony.

I am Karen. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer January 2004 by three different doctors. Initially I was devastated and I prayed and cried, and… I talked with my mom…about the situation. Mom, could you come and help me remember the last four years of my life?


Well… in my opinion… basically because… for the past several years, this cancer has been going…. It’s the word of God that has been… keeping me each and every day…studying, and it has brought me so much closer… to Him…with this illness.


I am glad He has mobilized people… on our behalf. Only He alone could have done all of that…. I suppose one day we will understand. We keep looking and praying for healing… but God is God. Who are we to say why this or why that. We just have to focus on the blessing…. And in everything there is a blessing. In every situation, if you look for the blessing you will surely find it… right?
KAREN: Yes, yes you will, and that’s what keeps me going every day because… I am still breathing. And so many people have blessed my life in so many ways, visiting and praying for me. And I know because God is there I’ll be ok…. God is there… every step of the way. He’s there… through my challenges, and He keeps me holding on each and every day…. When He wakes me up it’s a new day for me, a new beginning, to know that I can make things right with Him.
MOM: Oh, yes, and my blessing as a mother… is having you being so courageous… going through all of this… you know… with courage and faith…. That is my blessing. You are the one who helps me to go through each day, day by day. I told your brothers the other day, I said, “Just pray… keep on praying, don’t worry too much about us,” because we cannot worry about what’s going to happen a week from now or a month from now.

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