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Eye of My Heart is a collection of short stories, devotionals, meditations, and poetry designed to spark thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and inspiration through God. A perfect compliment to your daily devotions.

From the back cover:

We may lose all our worldly possessions.
We may lose our freedom.
We may lose our loved ones.
But our dreams, we will have to freely give them.

Does the rainbow often steal its way across your viewpoint?
There is always one waiting to cast its beams around you
You are never alone, even during those times when you may feel you are alone.
Someone loves you deeply and endlessly, not because of who you are, but because of who He is.

Don't hold yourself from the little fleeting moments of joy when they come, like the feel of small child's arms wrapped tightly around your neck. Just go with it. Let yourself go with it.
There is just so much beauty in each of us, there is no doubt, I believe, that we live and breathe and have our beings in Him.

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One Last Teardrop is the inspirational true story of Shirley's daughter, and her journey of faith during her battle with Stage 4 breast cancer.

From the back cover:

“I can’t feel my legs! I can’t feel my legs… oh, God… oh, God… I can’t feel my legs!”

Those were the gut-wrenching cries that met her and rang through her ears that early Friday morning, cries that a mother would remember for the rest of her life as she rushed to the side of her beloved, only daughter’s bed to tend to her needs, and share in her extreme grief and pain.

Never before had she seen such pain – such agony – as when her daughter, frantically grabbing and releasing her legs, looked up at her through blinding tears and cried, over and over, “I can’t feel my legs! I can’t feel my legs… oh, God… oh, God… I can’t feel my legs!”

Wide-eyed and open-mouthed, she stood, transfixed, looking down at her, unable to utter a single word, though she tried. There were no words that she could form within her mind at that moment, except the word, “paralyzed.” Yes, my daughter is paralyzed. Dear God, my daughter is paralyzed. Could she be really paralyzed?

She got down on her knees beside the bed and commenced rubbing and massaging her beautiful, slender legs, as if she thought that, by doing so, she could bring back the life in them. She didn’t know what else to do.

“I woke up and tried to scratch my legs, and I could not feel them. Oh, God… Oh, God…” she heard her daughter repeat.

To all those who spoke to her, it was absolutely astounding that she was really and truly paralyzed. Meanwhile, those who came to comfort her left comforted themselves and examining their own lives, as they all, in a stupefying awe, contemplated her positive, upbeat attitude. For, right there on her back, Karen became one of the most powerful witnesses as to the amount of pain and suffering that man is able to endure, and, most importantly, God’s awesome power in keeping us as we go through that pain.

Young, beautiful Karen had been struck down by a vicious, aggressive cancer that started in her right breast. She was 33. It worked its way through her body despite all that she did in the way of treatment, until it paralyzed her on that memorable Friday morning, October 5, 2007. Were it not for her determination to live and her faith in God – which she demonstrated by holding on dearly and consistently to the hand of her heavenly Father – she would not have been with those she loved and who loved her for as long as she was.

The people who came to see her were many, and from all walks of life. Although some came out of curiosity, most of them came out of love, bringing gifts so that she would not be in need. As time went by, and with everyone praying for her recovery, it became obvious that those people were actually God’s hands and feet taking care of Karen’s physical needs as well as her spiritual needs.

We live in a world where everyone is going through something… some challenges! Karen was known to be the person who would call up people she knew (while on her back) just to encourage and lift them up for that day. If they were not home when she called, she would leave them a voicemail. One of those people who were a recipient of one of her calls one day said: “I will always keep her message, for I could not erase it, Karen had made my day.”

Take the opportunity now to meet this remarkable young woman.

You will find that Karen will impress and inspire you whether you are young, old, or middle aged; man, woman, boy, or girl; rich or poor. For she has touched the lives of all of the above before she left us and went to sleep, on the Tuesday morning of May 27, 2008. For those who knew and loved her, it was a morning when the sun refused to rise in Karen’s world, even while it casts its rays upon her windowpane.

You will also find that Karen broke free of every barrier of culture, color, creed, and religion as she lifted high her standard of faith, courage, and love.

And, as far as she was concerned, every day was a day for thanksgiving, for, she said, “There will always be a tomorrow, and tomorrow will be better.”

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