Biography of Shirley Clarke


I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I had fun getting down in the dirt and playing marbles with my brothers, always with one determination: I would win the next game. I lost to my older brother every time, who would sell me back the same marbles and win them back again.

Perhaps those were valuable lessons being cemented and sharpened for later years as I faced life and all its challenges.

Years ago, back in Jamaica where I grew up, I told myself: one day I wanted to write a book. I didn’t know what it would be about, but I certainly didn’t think it would be about the sickness and death of my lovely daughter, Karen. That was so very hard, and still is.

Perhaps I thought I could express myself more freely on paper. I could just let my mind go.

I have always had a yearning even from an early age, to see what the world was like. I would go off mentally to see the world combined with what I saw on TV. The world is interesting. People make it so, for they are interesting.

I write inspirational stories and poetry with the hope and vision of inspiring faith in God who has been my rock through the years.

I enjoy family time with my two adult sons and their families. I also enjoy reading a good novel or sometimes just sitting around and enjoying a movie. But the outdoors is my delight. I am rejuvenated every time.